Urban & Civic


New Town Development, Cayman Brac (BDCL Architect)

This project involved the development of a master plan for the construction of a completely new community on the island of Cayman Brac, including single family residential, medium density residential, civic (small parks), Institutional (public school & daycares), small industrial (artist’s studios) and a large commercial retail grocery facility. The design encourages community interaction and includes a public accessible vegetable garden for the use of its residents and would implement a recycling and composting program (the first on the island).


R.A.I.C. Syllabus Thesis – Invention of a Seed Building

This thesis is a study of the one thousand hectares of land that make up the Ports District of the city of Toronto and which is currently being rehabilitated. The thesis proposes the invention of seed building as the nucleus of a new community on the scale of a village and is intended to be used as a template for a new community or to be planted into an existing community in need of rehabilitation. The formula for the DNA of such a seed is established based on a combination of precedent and on current new urban design principles.